About Xyte, Inc

Established in 1999, Xyte, Inc. has found the human link between an individual’s cognitive strengths and the type of work that most interests and engages them. At the heart of its success is Xyte’s Xyting Insight™, an assessment tool that will reveal each person’s innate strengths and explain why people do what they do. Its preference metrics deliver consistent valuations based on assessments of individuals.

Helping people is what we do

As a coach or leader, you can use this suite of assessment tools with every client, bringing a scientific basis and value to your skills and experience. Xyting Insight™ will boost your ability to help your clients identify their Core Genius from day one!

“Let’s learn about each other a little more. Linda [McIsaac, President of Xyte, Inc.] has given us a way to do that—and then we can have a more peaceful, more fulfilling, more harmonious and happy world.

“I think you’re onto something very, very important. I love your work. I’m excited about it!”

Jack Canfield, Founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul™ empire, and best-selling author of The Success Principles and other books

Xyting Insight™ is a proprietary, systems-science model that combines technology and advanced statistical methods to measure and predict human behavior. With an online assessment tool, it qualifies individuals as to how they think and process information.  The online assessment is statistically both reliable and valid. It identifies the Cognofiles (predictive cognitive behaviors) of individuals.

“I was introduced to Linda McIsaac of Xyte Inc. by Jack Canfield and will be forever grateful!

“As a Canfield Success Coach who has used Xyte’s Core Genius Assessment to help clients get to where they want to be – faster, I can say with confidence that this tool had been key to opening doors to opportunities in the public and private sectors, including the justice and education sector, which has allowed me build a rewarding and profitable business.

“The Cognofile is a tool that helps to quickly unveil the real challenge area for the client, and in every case (individuals, groups of every age), Xtye had the exact tool that I needed to help me guide and coach the client(s) hand in hand with the Success Principles to better relationships at work and at home, greater self-confidence, more fulfilling jobs, and inner peace/empowerment.”

Tina Jesso , Certified Xyting Insight Coach and Senior Canfield Trainer

Learn what the Xyting Insight™ assessment has done for others by reading our extensive Testimonials page.

Visit our website at www.xyte.com for additional information and opportunities to partner with us. Helping people is what we do!