Certification Levels

Xyte, Inc. provides tools for identifying the innate strengths of individuals—their Core Genius—and trains coaches in every facet of their use. From the initial step—administering the Xyting Insight™ assessment—to evaluating the “Cognofile” and applying the results, we provide our coaches with the tools they need to give their clients the best possible guidance in all their relationships, from personal to the workplace.

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As a certified Xyte Coach, you will have access to all the tools, and you’ll receive the training to help your clients every step of the way.

“The Cognofile is a tool that helps to quickly unveil the real challenge area for the client, and in every case (individuals, groups of every age), Xtye had the exact tool that I needed…”

Tina Jesso, Certified Xyte Coach and Senior Jack Canfield Trainer

We teach our coaches best practices for discussing results with their clients, for applying the new knowledge to their working lives, personal lives, relationships, and dreams. We give them the specialized tools they need to effectively help people in all walks of life. 

Xyte offers four levels of training and involvement. Register today

Xyte Ambassador

An Ambassador is someone who supports of Xyte’s goals: working to improve understanding and communication in all walks of life through science-based Xyting InsightTM assessments.

Xyte Coach

Become a certified Coach and bring your experience and skills to your clients! For details, visit the Certification Course page.

Xyte Trainer

Take your coaching skills to the next level. Our training course provides you with the tools to work with corporate accounts and train others on your team.

Xyte Senior Trainer

Join the elite!